FiscalTrak simplifies the budget tracking process by providing customized information on each government program, project, or activity you care about.

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Dramatically transform the way you track and analyze the federal budget. FiscalTrak streamlines budget tracking for a variety of agencies, including Defense, NASA, and Homeland Security. By comprehensively breaking down and mapping every dollar in the budget, FiscalTrak provides you with a powerful tool to analyze the federal spending that matters to you.

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    Track the Complete Budget Lifecycle:

    FiscalTrak provides comprehensive coverage of the budgets you care about from the President’s Budget Release through the entire Congressional authorization and appropriations process.

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    Breadth and Depth:

    Coverage of every line in the budget gives you the ability to view top line trends across agencies, or zero in on distinct spending that specifically pertain to your business or organization.

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    Advanced Analytics:

    Leverage FiscalTrak’s database to perform advanced analytics that will inform your strategic planning and business development. From the macro to the micro, instantly identify shifts in Government spending, new business opportunities, and gather competitive intelligence.

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    Exportable Data:

    FiscalTrak enables full manipulation of data: export instantly to Excel spreadsheets or CSV files to create your own proprietary deliverables.

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    Robust Search:

    If you can think of it, you can search for it. Easily locate anything within Budget Justification documents or Congressional language – search for a project name, keyword, company, or location.

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    Speed to Market:

    We provide you the information you need faster and more reliably than anyone else. Within just a few hours of budget release or Congressional action, you are notified of any changes to your lines of interest.

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    FiscalTrak Updates and News:

    Exclusive program and agency news, hearing summaries, personnel updates and instant alerts when there are changes to the line items you care about.